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Learn WordPress Admin Video

This video is for you to learn how to manage your new WorddPress blog. Don’t be scared. It is not difficult but there is a bit of a learning curve. This video will teach you how to navigate the WordPress admin section. It is a simple blogging platform that is easy to use. Practice what you see here on your own WordPress blog while you watch.

As you watch the video, stop it and start it and actually post a new blog article that you have already created. You can return to this page as often as you want.

In order to learn Your WordPress Admin features open three tabs in your browser:

  1. One for the video
  2. One to login to the admin
  3. One for your public view of your live website

WordPress Pages VS Posts

In WordPress you can add a post or a page. It is important that you understand the difference between the two from the beginning.  WordPress is a dynamic blogging platform.  That means that it is updating every time that you add new content. The new posts are “on top” of the pile and the older posts are “under” them in order of the post date.

A post is an article. That is the part of the blog that moves deeper into the archives.  Once you add another post, the ones before it drop down below it and eventually off the main page and into the archives and categories. You should add a new post with good value to readers in your niche least 2 times weekly.  The more often that you post the better, especially in the beginning so that your content is fresh and the search engines keep coming back.

A page on the other hand is static and does not move. It stays were you put it.  An example being your home page, your about page or a sales page.  Once you create a page you do not add a new one if you want to change the content, you just update the one that is in place already.  For example, you may want to change the content in your “about” page.  You go to the pages edit list, find the original “about” page and edit the first and only version and save it by pushing update.

It is important that you are clear on the difference between a page and a post.  This video shows you how to create and edit a post.  The technique is the same for a page.  You just push “add page” instead of “add post”.  Do not confuse the two.

A Couple Of WordPress Rules

  • NEVER create an article in your word document and then paste it directly into your WordPress editor.  I talk about this on the video:
  1. You should create your article in your word document in your computer.
  2. Then paste it into a .txt file in your computer. That is a text document like note pad.
  3. Then copy it again and paste it into your WordPress admin.
  4. Do your formatting in WordPress as the video instructs.
  • Duplicate content is the cardinal sin of the internet!

duplicate content is bad All the content on your new blog should be UNIQUE! That means that it  has never been publicized anywhere on the web before.

Click the little square on the right of the frame to open your video full screen.

NOTE Thesis Theme Users: The Thesis theme has the SEO box right under your text area, not at the bottom of the screen as indicated on the video.


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